Customized content seals

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Seals, whether it be in the tanker truck or other means of transport containers on the instrument, and its main purpose is the same from theft. In the end what kind of purchase seals, anti-theft effect better? 

Since customers purchase seal purpose is to guard against theft, so in order to better security, customers always like to seal their use is "unique", so that the seal can not be easily copied. So purchase seals customers, especially the demand for larger customers, seals are made to order (with others to ensure the use of seals is different), then seal custom content in the end, what does? 

1, style modeling: modeling different styles of seals, is out of production and processing of different molds. If you make a mold of the market there is no such style seal, then patterned relatively high cost, which is not easy to imitate. General mold cost tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands have; MOQ are to hundreds of thousands more. 

2, color, length: customized with different colors, lengths seals someone's home; 

3, anti-theft logos, signs: After the seals can be laser printed or blanching customer's name, such as LOGO and coding, coding and each is unique, there is no repetition of such criminals seal is damaged, it is difficult to buy including encoding exactly the same seals; 

4, Other: two-dimensional code, electronic seals and other new seals with higher security capabilities.

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