Container seals of normal and abnormal processing

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Container seals normal process flow: 

1, seal as an important object, must comply with the general PAS, ISO, 17712 standard security technology and high strength. Providers need to seal issued by standards-compliant testing to prove, and with the Division I record; 

2, Shipping Department after receiving the seal, appoint temporary custody of the person responsible for the work of the Security Department of the seals, shipping department will accurately record the seal number on the delivery receipt. 

3, for the company's transport information and information systems must be strictly confidential, especially the real customers such as nuclear materials and systems to ensure that control to prevent unlicensed contacts. 

4, to ensure that the seals in good condition, complete, not damaged, and manually check the seal can not be opened with the general the hand.

5, when the non-locking seals, temporarily handed over to supervise loading security custody. 

6, the cabinet doors are closed after the lock by the person in charge of cargo security seals to ensure that the seals lock can not be opened after leaving the bottom photograph, photographs should be clear, visible seal number. 

7, loading officer shall maintain the following records: Loading Date / cabinet to plant a time / cabinet-type container number / seal number / time and other cabinet from factory 

8 cargo warehouse shipping member of staff should receive information and online reporting container or heavy cabinet paper verification provided by the towing company, and correct fill in the details of the "container seals record" archive. 

Exception handling: 

1, during transport, security abnormal follow-up truck, or other persons report damage seals, container damage, and other anomalies; 

2, Shipping Department shall immediately contact the shipping company to regain new seals; 

3, the highest security charge assign someone rushed to the scene to understand the specific situation, make sure the seal is damaged, replace the new seal, and for the record; 

4, for the verification of containerized cargo has been destroyed, or deliberate release anomalies, the Executive by cargo transportation management program;

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