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  • Plastic seals used as a logistics ties What situation?

    Architectural glass (architectural glass) of the main varieties of flat glass , crystal having a surface smooth , light, sound insulation , thermal insulation, wear resistance, climate change , material stability and other advantages.

  • To how to respond to national call for plastic seals it?

    In our daily life, we can see many examples of the application of plastic seals, in constant use, the role of the plastic seals are also constantly upgrading, the state will go to the call timer plastic seals

  • Some examples of the use of plastic seal is kind of how it?

    Use plastic seal is already a very good development prospects, constantly updated this technology is also a very good development in the modern continuous production, the development of this technology

  • The new regulations US-wire seals will start shipping container

    United States Customs and Border Protection regulations since October 15 this year, from the sea into the United States all heavy cabinet, there must be compliance with international quality standards of container seals

  • And introduce widespread use of plastic seals

    1 plastic seal advantages: the use of special paper to print barcode bar code, coding, unit names, top tight structure, easy to install, use bar code scanning, enabling customers to use, cut off after locking pliers available tyranny.

  • Customized content seals

    Seals, whether it be in the tanker truck or other means of transport containers on the instrument, and its main purpose is the same from theft. In the end what kind of purchase seals, anti-theft effect better?

  • Container seals of normal and abnormal processing

    Container seals normal process flow: 1, seal as an important object, must comply with the general PAS, ISO, 17712 standard security technology and high strength. Providers need to seal issued by standards-compliant testing to prove, and with the Division I record;

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